Singable Songs for Kids
Girl and boy singing

These "just for fun" tunes are about animals, teddybears, picnics, things that are general, those things which are close to a child's heart!
Song Titles
Walking through the field
Sing a little song
Feel like jumping
Fishing at the riverside
My teddy bear joe
Playing with my blocks
I have a feeling
The little band
I have a pet
The airplane song
My pretend automobile
Sleep my baby
My love nest
Near home is where you need to stay
Song samples

Also available is a "Singable Songs for Kids" visual book, consisting of complete illustrations for the following tunes: "I have a feeling that I want to show," "I saw an airplane," "I was walking through the field one day," "Me and my teddybear," and "Sing a little song."

CD's are $15.00, books are $7.00.
Click on the animal tracks to order on-line.
animal tracks

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